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In modern IT environments, examining network traffic flows for vulnerabilities has become more challenging—but even more critical. To maintain robust, real-time security monitoring and analysis, you need comprehensive security services that can manage your detection, response and prevention systems without the complexity of traditional solutions.

Mekas Security® Managed Detection and Response services (MDR) is part of the industry’s broadest portfolio of MDR security and IDPS solutions that manage the full threat landscape and management lifecycle. We provide turnkey support for leading endpoint and network security technologies to eliminate vendor lock-in and improve your security posture.

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Enhance productivity and response

Mekas Security threat intelligence and incident response teams combine organic threat intelligence with AI-powered automation to help improve SOC productivity, reduce attack dwell time and rapidly respond to threats 24x7.

Prevent future incidents

Mekas Security threat analysis, along with the MITRE ATT&CK framework and Mekas threat hunt libraries, help provide proactive threat detection and find threats more consistently.

Support a range of vendor solutions

Mekas intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) services are vendor-neutral and can support your existing solution, including leading vendors such as Cisco, McAfee, Sourcefire and Juniper.

Update multiple devices at the same time

Change requests can be pooled across multiple devices, which reduces the time it takes to perform necessary updates. There are no per-device restrictions when making device configuration changes.

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